Welcome to TOJsoft.net

This site is dedicated to software development that occurs within the organisation that is called TOJsoft. Most things that are made public are games of some sort, but there are more things done as well. In the past there have been a few publications namely Masken4 (Space-driving-ever-growing-worm-madness, Win95+), TOJgame II (simple puzzle game with editor, Win95+) Remember Us (memory game was, Android), Black Skulls (old school RPG, Android)

While you are here maybe our Android Development site may be of interest if you are a developer. This link will migrate here soon instead of hosting Google Sites. Early testing for WebGL with certain cube-inspired rendering can be found here . You can also find our apps on the Google Play page.

Our aim is to make our work available for the public in more ways than just enjoy our content we create. Our projects source code will all be available starting soon (probably 2020). The aim is that the little work we do might actually be improved by all you out there.

If you are looking for something else in particular you contact webmaster(at)tojsoft.net with your request.